self-development workshops

Group and individual workshops in the area of personal and spiritual development. Symmetrical energy exchange between all participants.

I provide a fully equipped workshop room with a social room.
You can sit on a chair, in a lotus, on a bench, a sako bag, or lie down comfortably on a mat.

The workshops are aimed at everyone, regardless of age, race, gender or religion.
You can find the available types of workshops below.

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Know yourself

Workshop for the development of consciousness and meditation

If you can see that everything you see inside and outside is nothing but your own self, then you will always be in a meditative state.

Swami Muktananda

Meditation is one of the most underrated development tools of our time.

Still this activity is associated with either another religion or even occult practices.
It’s still a taboo subject, seen as a strange practice in unusual clothing.

Meanwhile, it is one of the most easily accessible forms of learning to understand ourselves: how we function, how we behave, how we think, and above all – how we unconsciously and automatically act in many moments of our daily life. Meditation, then, is the study of conscious perception, which allows us to understand the stimuli that reach us and to which we react. This understanding will allow us to work on our character, to change unhealthy habits, to solve some of our health problems and, most importantly, to help us achieve the fulfillment we so constantly seek.


  • Find your way to meditate

    There is a reason why the ways and types of meditation are plentiful. I will introduce you to several meditation techniques so that you can choose for yourself the ones that suit you best. You will be able to combine and modify them according to your needs. You will learn how to best direct the sequence of different exercises so that they have a specific effect.

    Why do I think meditation is so very effective for self-development? Because it is an activity that you shape yourself, so it is a perfectly tailored tool for you. I will show you how to change this tool along with how you change yourself.

    In addition, I will give you some of the basics behind the different types of meditation so that you can create new ones on your own, ones that will work best with your beliefs. With this freedom, you will see that there is no single right way to meditate.

    You will see the power of intention. You will learn what visualization is and how it can be used in many ways. You will experience different states of consciousness that will help you understand that everything we experience is a matter of our interpretation.

  • You will understand emotions more easily

    Emotions are one of the easiest and fastest forms of interpretation. You will not only learn how to meditate, but you will get a tool with which you will be able to understand your own and others’ emotions. Step by step, with simple examples, it will show you a different perspective on what emotions are.

    By consciously seeing things as they are, you will see that emotions are nothing more than a very individual form of reaction, often automatic. When such reactions become passive, we stop noticing them and start treating them as something that is an inherent part of us, without even noticing it. This opens the way for even more unconscious reactions, which can become increasingly explosive.

    Meditation will help you understand the emotion that is rising within you and understand it before it completely consumes your attention and control. Working with emotions is one of the key tools to help you get to know yourself.

  • You will learn to live in harmony with yourself and others

    The natural outcome of the practice of meditation is calmness and inner acceptance of what you are experiencing. When you learn to do this with yourself, you will automatically begin to notice a big difference in how you perceive your relationships with others. You will become aware of yourself and others in a way you didn’t know before.

    It may seem that other people, especially those closest to us, often play a major role in such situations. We also often blame them for the harm they do to us. This is one example of the law of attraction in practice. I will introduce a slightly different concept – I will show you the common point between what you have inside you and what other people come to you with.

  • You will learn what causes are behind your daily needs

    You may feel many different needs throughout the day. Some you don’t even respond to, and others you push aside as “not very attractive” or “negative, murky”? You may think: “It’s better not to admit it”. These are all expressions of you and your subconscious. With the help of simple exercises, you will see what you are really looking for. When you understand the needs and the background behind them, you will know the cause and hear the message from within you. The difficult ones will stop bothering you, and in their place will be the right one – the need to remain true to yourself.

    There is a lot of talk about ego in many different development circles. The ego’s job is to balance physiological needs and views and/or moral aspects. Often we choose something that then leaves us either unsatisfied or distasteful, because we are too strict with ourselves or try to deceive ourselves. On the other hand, after all, we want to choose authentically, so we follow what we feel drawn to or inspired by. Such conflict can come from not understanding ourselves and looking at everything from a local perspective. In this workshop you will learn the simple concept of ego and how to transform it in harmony with yourself.

  • I will teach you how to concentrate

    Many adults have trouble concentrating. We are distracted hundreds of times throughout the day, reaching for the phone or social media. Along the way, some emotion additionally comes in and we are completely distracted. Forgetting what we really wanted to accomplish, we tediously return to our task, still lingering with one foot somewhere in that moment.

    You will learn a few very simple ways to get your thoughts under control. You will learn how to manage them so that they function for you, not against you. You will get a great tool to help you be more productive. You will become a mentor for yourself. Everything will be based not on strict discipline, but on the feeling that what you are doing is producing results and satisfaction. It is from a proper understanding of yourself and your worldview that we can forge the right motivation that will work for us, not against us.

  • You will learn deep relaxation, which will help you fight stress and relax

    We are exposed to stressful situations everywhere. Stress is a condition that stimulates survival reflexes and motivates us to make quick decisions. However, in the long run, staying in the “flee or fight” mode is destructive and disrupts the balanced flow of energy in your body. Relaxation that will allow you to truly rest is not only sleep, but also the feeling that “all is well.”

    An activity such as meditation automatically directs us to a dimension of relaxation and rest in which our body naturally regenerates. This is the space where stress has no proper foundation. I will show you how to use this state to ground yourself in stressful situations. You will learn the right techniques to expel the excess emotions accumulated during the day in a controlled way so as not to harm yourself or others anymore.

  • You will learn to approach difficult experiences more calmly

    Something happened and you react suddenly and emotionally? Here, the key is not control and holding back what you feel, but awareness and understanding. Flow – not blocking. In order for this to happen – I suggest you first become aware of what you are really feeling. I’ll show you how to smoothly deal with a difficult experience and recognize in it a hint for further growth in development.

    Once you learn to see things as they are, you will see a large space between the situation and your interpretation. This space will allow you to pause or consciously make a different decision, and this will greatly affect the final outcome of how you interpret an experience. The state we achieve in meditation may at first seem like something reserved only for those specific moments. However, after some time you will realize that you can induce this characteristic mood even in everyday activities at home or at work. To meditate you need nothing but the desire, a comfortable body position and a moment of time to do it. After some time and practice, even an uncomfortable body position is no obstacle to achieving the right state of tranquility and spatial focus.

  • You will learn the philosophy of non-duality

    The philosophy of non-duality tells the story that every person who perceives and every thing that is perceived is one, and the events between them make knowing oneself an infinite process. It is a fully automatic mechanism by which the self, manifested in all things, is in a continuous process of self-improvement and most of all – enjoyable experiencing. There are as many interpretations of this philosophy as there are many people. I will present one of them. Without reading extensive texts and difficult phrases – you will learn what non-duality is.

    The state of experiencing non-duality can be compared to a state of peace and fulfillment. In this state, despite the lack of “technical” knowledge and understanding, a person sees himself and the world as one, without having to mentally work it out in his head. This is called the direct path, where it is not assumed that in order to experience fulfillment, one must first understand it. One practical example of understanding non-duality will be the Law of Attraction presented at the workshop.

  • We will discuss the topic of energy in the human body

    Questions such as energy and its application to everyday life are increasingly coming to light. Authors such as Michael Newton and Barbara Ann Brennan have shown that what is visible to the naked eye is only the effect of what is “underneath.” At the workshop you will learn the basics of energy, the basics of chakras and the principles of male and female energy. We will talk about mantras and affirmations. We will discuss the topic of reincarnation and how understanding it can help us in our daily lives.

    If such theory is nothing new to you, no worries – the workshop is also aimed at those who have had their own experience with this matter.

  • You will discover a different perspective of spiritual development

    You will recognize how the spiritual and physical worlds are interwoven. You will return to yourself, to the light that is pure happiness. You will see that conscious life will reveal to you all that is spoken of in many religions, but without having to go through complicated dogma. Here you will find elements of the so-called direct path, partly inspired by Eastern philosophy, the Law of One, and other teachings I learned on my way.

    Above all – you will begin to live consciously.

    Ultimately, any attempt to learn should end with your own conclusions and building your beliefs. I respect every different view and opinion, because through this diversity, we can constantly learn and improve our hearts.

Organizational matters - stationary workshops

For stationary meetings – we meet 2 times for 5-6 hours per meeting.

Stationary meetings are held at 3F Słowackiego Street, 32-590 Libiąż, in premises on the second floor. The entrance to the premises is from the middle of the pavilion complex, above the electronics/appliances store.

Breaks and refreshments will be provided during the workshop. The premises are equipped with a social annex with basic crockery and utensils. You can prepare fresh coffee, tea, or reheat your meal. A refrigerator is also available.

To make the meeting comfortable for you I recommend loose clothing.

In case of absence, I will provide you with commentary materials to help you catch up.

Maximum number of participants in the stationary workshop: 6.

Organizational matters - online workshops

The online meetings are divided into 5 units of 2 hours each.

Due to the nature of online meetings, to make them comfortable, they are divided into 5 smaller meetings. Upon request, I launch a simple group chat using social media or free chat apps. This is to share experiences, ask questions, and on my part support for the duration of the workshop.
The workshop will be organized on an online platform, to which you will get access in the form of a link in an email.

I recommend loose clothing, also prepare yourself a place to sit on the floor.

If you are absent, a recording or presentation and other materials are made available to you to keep you up to date.

Maximum number of participants in the online workshop: 10.

The workshops organized on a donation basis. You pay as much as you think. If you do not have enough funds you can attend for free.

If you are interested in the workshop, please contact me. If the workshop is not scheduled, or the date does not suit you – follow the calendar on the website and the blog to keep up to date with all announcements.

The duration of the workshop may be shortened or extended by 20-30% depending on the number of participants, topics covered and the pace of the workshop.


Symmetric one-to-one exchange

  • Individual workshops

    For those who prefer one-on-one meetings, I can prepare the same range of workshops that you can find on this site. 

  • Other

    Preparation of materials tailored to your needs and your level. Customized development tools for you.

The price per meeting is calculated as the list price for one hour individual meetings. You can find the current price list here.

When the student achieves something through the teacher, the teacher also learns something.

Paulo Coelho