Complementary medicine

Stationary office for appointments and therapy, including: energy healing, aura and chakra diagnosis, conscious conversation and emotion work. A holistic approach to your conditions and difficulties.

I ground my practice in natural therapy on two foundations - acceptance and observation. This allows a comfortable space to be built for you.

All practices and consultations are also available in Polish. Most internships can be done remotely. See the "contact" tab for available forms of online meetings.

I would like to emphasize that I do not deny any practice of conventional medicine and I do not challenge the opinion of other therapists, I respect their knowledge.
If you are undergoing other treatment, please let me know – it’s important.

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energy healing

Subtle work with your energy

Each session is an individual therapy with focus on you. Energy healing is a complementary therapy, for example, for people who have had long conventional treatment. If you want to try new, more natural methods of treatment, feel free to contact me. It is worth mentioning here that energy healing, like any other form of treatment, is not a source of healing, but only helps the body to recover. You heal by yourself, I am the channel for the energy.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

An energy healing session is a very good part of holistic healing. It is subtle work with your energy to help you work through and release the congestion in your aura and energy channels. The main task during the session is to help you return to the energy balance of the subtle bodies (layers of the aura), that is, to the harmony of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Often all sorts of energy blockages stand in the way, which have their origin in unworked, difficult emotions and issues that are not compatible with our true nature.

Here nothing happens by force. Each meeting of this kind is unique and addresses only what you are ready for. Usually an energy healing session is one part of the meeting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The primary focus for me is to understand and find the causes of your ailments.

I use various forms of energy work, depending on your needs. This includes biomassage, chakrotherapy, aura combing, working with cords, attachments, clings, emotions, karmic issues, etc.

I ask you to approach therapy with an open head and heart, it is the work of both the therapist and the patient. This attitude helps a lot and brings definitely better and faster results.


Just being aware of your view can lead to healing

In the daily rush, we forget to truly relax, to hygenize our minds or even to be mindful. Many of us intuitively feel that we could do something with our health, or with ourselves in general, but either don’t know how, or need a motivating impulse. We feel “under the skin” that we wanted to do something in a different way, to experience something quite the opposite. All this is contained in the subconscious – breaking through into everyday life in the form of various distortions of the worldview. 

Our subconscious remembers every experience. All it takes is the right state of mind to start recalling details of an event from a month, a year or even 30 years ago. Many of us are not aware of ourselves. We only observe the effects of our subconscious patterns, automatic reflexes. Difficult experiences that we experienced during a major trauma, in solitude, in emotion, and which were not released in time in a natural way – accumulate in the body in the form of a blockage. With a large accumulation of such energy, the blockage begins to function as a subconscious mechanism that distorts our worldview. After time, the blocked energy can metamorphose into a disease of various natures. By reversing this process, we can, through analysis of the ailment, reach the experience that caused it.

My task during the meeting is to remind you of your true light, which wants to come to the surface – it is you in health and happiness. I approach each meeting individually, I don’t use ready-made templates, I choose such methods and tools as needed in the moment. In practice, it is a calm session in a state similar to meditation or soft hypnosis, in which I direct you to the source of your ailment. There, reliving your memories once again, you complete the experience and release what has been blocked. You set the pace for the meeting and decide what areas of your life we will touch and how. I moderate your journey so that I can direct you on the right track. This activity is designed to make you aware of what you are really struggling with.

So we will bring up difficult issues, there may be difficult emotions that want to come to the surface. It may be anger, sadness or fear, because all these things have a source within you. Our task will be to find them, understand them and release the blockage. The session can be performed assisted by the assistance of energy healing and aura diagnosis. This practice can be performed in any body position convenient for you and adapted to your abilities.

chakras and aura reading

You are not just a physical body

Every human being possesses a certain kind of biofield called an aura, as unique as a fingerprint. In simple terms, the aura consists of several subtle bodies and chakras that interpenetrate each other, thereby energizing the physical body. This field reflects all of our character traits, issues, emotions, dilemmas, worldview, and life lessons.

On our journey, we all encounter various experiences. Often, things don’t go as planned, and we witness unpleasant events that evoke difficult emotions within us. When we struggle to control or understand these emotions, we tend to separate ourselves from them and “leave them for later.” As a result, unresolved matters accumulate in the subtle bodies at different levels. Over time, when they exceed a “critical mass,” they manifest as ailments or diseases in the physical body. I observe these energy accumulations in the aura and help you understand what is worth working through, what subconscious struggles you face, and what calls for your attention. These matters may involve different aspects of your life, as well as those of your loved ones, encompassing both your current and past incarnations, including karmic issues and ancestral programs.

I perform aura observations only with your consent. To comfortably and unobstructedly explore your aura, I will need your permission. After conducting a thorough analysis, I sketch the overall findings on a piece of paper, which you can take with you. These are guidelines that can assist you in further self-work. Your aura and chakras will change as your approach shifts or as you work through specific matters, emotions, or memories.


The clue to recovery is contained in the body's symptoms

I try to take a holistic approach to every issue. Observing energy is not everything. Many of us live on the run, we suffer from a chronic lack of time. We don’t have a moment to think about the deeper meaning of the signals coming from the body, we treat them as obstacles to full health. We look for a solution outside, meanwhile we have direct answers within ourselves in the form of physical illnesses. It can be stated that illness in the physical body is the last phase of emotional conflict. “Critical mass” of energy or emotion that has not been released in time will eventually manifest in the form of physical illness. However, this illness will appear in a specific place in the body. In the place that is energetically weakened, that potentially carries the greatest hint, a physical ailment will arise, which in itself can define the cause of the disease. A specific organ, a body part, a spot on the skin, a bone, a joint, a system, an endocrine disorder, a virus, or a bacterium – all biological aspects of the body have their own “information transmitters,” so the location of the disease is key here.  The body, with its ailments, tells us what patterns to work through, what to accept or heal. Recall healing is the term that define this type of practice.

The human body is the best image of the human soul.

Tony Robbins

I point out that this is not a typical recall healing session and interview. The method used here is intended to serve as one element in support of the main axis of the meeting, which is to understand the symptoms and find their causes. According to the definition of this type of practice, the disease symptom itself is already a stage of healing or, more precisely, a stage of repairing emotional conflict. However, it is often the case that a conflict that has not been fully worked through recurs even for several years and is accompanied by illnesses of similar origin or in a similar place on the body. In practice, even the simple act of applying pressure to a painful area releases the information therein. Combined with the right state of mind, many valuable hints can be discovered. I use this type of practice in conjunction with others described on this site.


Things invisible to the naked eye

There is a lot of talk about charms, the evil eye, fate, bad luck or curses. You may feel that you are haunted by a series of negative events, that some unfortunate motive has crept into your life. You may feel that it is all caused by the outside world: people who specifically do you wrong, events that seem to have a common motive turned against you. Everything is going wrong.

I help find the cause of such phenomena and, if possible, offer a solution. I get to the root of the matter, which often has its origins in the intense emotions and events that initiated this curse or charm. The phenomenon is very individual and requires prior consultation.

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Author unknown

Such matters as the above can often be accompanied by non-physical beings, that is, beings that usually influence our lives discreetly, often causing a negative effect.

How can we recognize if it is really a being near us? You may feel someone’s presence and/or afraid to fall asleep with the lights off. You may feel like you see a figure out of the corner of your eye, especially in the evening. You may feel a sudden drop in strength or for a split moment see strange, inexplicable images in the mirror. Although such sensations do not always indicate it, it may be that you are in contact with non-physical beings. The beings may be negative or those who are looking for support in their duality to go fully to “the other side”.

The main characteristic of negative beings is to draw on low vibrations, that is: feelings, emotions, memories that bring pain, sadness, fear, anger, etc. You may feel that some emotions are even fueled by something from the outside. A temporary solution to this may be to raise your own vibration, such as by taking time to pray or meditate. Ultimately, such a being, fueled by your distorted part of the worldview, will continue to draw as long as the issue is not resolved. Situations where you are actually influenced by a being can indeed happen, and they are worth looking into. In some cases there is direct contact and there is no doubt that the being is with us. There are also situations where buildings and places seem to be haunted. They have usually been powered by low vibrations in the past, so they are the best home for beings from a similar spectrum. Also, people who have died, often due to high attachment, affect our world even physically. They make their presence known by knocking down objects or closing doors. They may want to give us a message, say goodbye to us or solve an important unfinished business.

Matters with non-physical beings are always dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Contact me then to arrange the details.