Hi, my name is Krzysztof Szynalik.
My journey began when I tried meditation for the first time at the age of 13.

Since then I have been interested in issues of parapsychology, esotericism, spirituality, healing, meditation. This world has always attracted me. Intuitively, I looked for explanations for various phenomena. I have always had a sense that there is “something more” in our lives. Over the years I educated myself from various sources, devoting my time to studying books and practicing. My main interest for a long time was, and still is, understanding the phenomenon of disease and human energetics and its diagnosis.My specialty is seeing the causes directly. To find them, I focus on emotions and seemingly random experiences. I can see auras and chakras, which helps me understand the physical and emotional state of the human body. I have the ability of clairvoyance, I perceive energy in various forms. I can make contact with non-physical beings. I also work with charms and curses. In my work I combine elements of naturopathy, energy healing, spiritual development, coaching, hypnosis, recall healing and others, constantly educating myself.

I do not represent any particular stream of thought or religion, so you can expect a straightforward approach from me. I create my own interpretations and rely on methods that are validated in many different branches of complementary medicine. I have no training in academic medicine – I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a psychologist, hence I do not offer medical or psychological diagnoses. I do not guarantee healing to anyone, but I do provide my help and support in recovery. The effects of such meetings and sessions are always individual and depend on many factors.

I have a degree as a Apprentice Naturopath, which combines many natural methods to aid recovery.

I don’t judge or condemn for what you have experienced, but I try to see what you really come with. I listen carefully so that I can see your true essence, hidden behind the difficulties and troubles you have accumulated along the way.

When working with me, you can expect me to value your approach. We will be, moving at your pace, using your language – find what you are subconsciously looking for. My role is, without infringing on your free will, to help you understand that it is possible to do things differently, and thus to open the door for yourself to return to well-being and a happy life.

My passion is conscious living

After a period of time, the practice of meditation brought me to a wonderful space – conscious experience. I remember the moment when I first realized that “I am actually just here.” This was accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment, joy and, above all, unity. An experience that is hard to describe in words. I realized that until then I had been mainly driven by a sense of separation, which is a source of suffering.

Conscious living has opened my heart and mind to many things. It is a doorway to feel better, to change one’s attitude, to become more willing, to live more peacefully, to understand oneself – and thus others. It is an endless resource of energy and knowledge about yourself and the world around you.

Today it is my passion and axis of experience. I return to this space whenever I can. I return to the present, to the inside, to myself, to Consciousness.

One can suppose that all people have awareness, but generally not everyone is aware of it.

Stanisław Lem, Okamgnienie