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Welcome to a site dedicated to complementary medicine, spiritual and personal development, meetings and meditation. A place where unusual phenomena are discussed in a simple way. Join me on the wonderful journey of conscious living.

Complementary medicine

Stationary office for appointments and therapy, including: energy healing, aura and chakra diagnosis, conscious conversation and emotion work. A holistic approach to your conditions and difficulties.

Self-development workshops

Group and individual workshops in the area of personal and spiritual development. Symmetrical energy exchange between all participants.

Meetings and meditations

Joint meditations and discussions casually covering the topics you will find on this site. In this shared space, everyone is both student and teacher.

We digest three quarters of our lives on wanting without deeds and on deeds without wanting.

- Denis Diderot


Seven Densities is a reference to the seven densities of consciousness, or in other words, the energy that manifests at different levels of what surrounds us and what we are, in an infinite cycle of evolution.
This site and my activity is an attempt to disseminate unusual matters in a simple way - through the eyes of a simple man. It is an attempt to unite many different perspectives on the questions of: health and illness, spiritual development in the broadest sense, learning about the world and expressing a universal philosophy of what is.

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